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The event is over!

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What was sdns://2021?

sdns://2021 was a fun and informal online event focused on real-world DNS privacy technologies, and an opportunity to celebrate 10 years of DNS privacy improvements.

When was it be held?

The event was held on August 14th, 2021, from 5pm UTC and was streamed live on Youtube.

Who was this for?

This event was for anyone who is interested in practical DNS privacy, or who wants to learn more about how it works.
It was open to anyone, regardless of skill level.


5:00pm UTC

Welcome + 10 years of DNS privacy improvements
Frank Denis, Fastly
The state of DNS privacy
Danielle Deibler, Quad9
Hyperlocal root and the Localroot project
Swapneel Patnekar, Shreshta IT
Recursive to authoritative encryption and the IETF
Peter van Dijk / OX PowerDNS

6:00pm UTC

The negative effects of encrypted DNS on families
Tony Perez, CleanBrowsing
A brief introduction to AdGuard Home
Andrey Meshkov, AdGuard
The Great Firewall’s DNS censorship
Phong, Stony Brook University & Citizen Labs
Applications of Zero-Knowledge Proofs to encrypted DNS
Arasu Arun, NYU
DPKI: A Vision for a Decentralized Public-key Infrastructure
Greg Slepak, okTurtles Foundation
Journey to DNSCrypt
Edward Oo, BlahDNS
Handshake, a blockchain replacement for the root
Mike Damm, Handshake

7:30pm UTC

IP addresses: how they're used and why they shouldn't be
Matthew Finkel, Tor Project
A year and a half of DNS over HTTPS over Tor
Alec Muffett
A Primer on Oblivious DoH
Chris Wood, Cloudflare
Anonymized DNS in practice
Frank Denis, Fastly

9:30pm UTC

Round table on the future of DNS

10:30pm UTC

Lightning talks
Social time and workshops